Six Trending Hashtags for Twitter

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Twitter is a social media platform that seems to be struggling in recent years to grow its user base. However, for the many that do use it, there is freedom of speech offering a powerful way to bring about change and provide an insight into what is happening around the world. Or maybe it is just a way for users to simply vent about life.

For those of you that want to get started on the platform, having the ability to take advantage of the relatively low activity user base, will ensure that your tweets are spread to all the people that you want to engage with.

The best way to do this is to use the hashtag (#) feature. It is a known fact that not using #’s will lead to a decrease in user engagement. So put your best leg forward and use them to target your specific audience, grow your following and spread your views.

Here are Six Trending Hashtags For Twitter.


1. Search

Unlike Instagram, Twitter does a lot of the searching legwork for you. By selecting the search button (magnifying glass icon) you will be presented with a ‘Trends for you’ list that highlights the topics that you are most likely to be interested in. Not only does this feature help with engagement, but you are also kept up to date with breaking news. This allows you to be informed on what is going on locally and worldwide.

2. #followforfollow / #f4f# / #follow4follow

Yes, you guessed it, #followforfollow not only made it on to our previous post about instagram but the love-hate hashtag features here as well. If you are looking to gain followers, and gain them at an increased rate, this is the holy grail or hashtags. A top tip would be to use this sparingly, as overuse of the tag is frowned upon in the community.

3. #tbt

Another popular hashtag on Twitter in the Throwbackthursday tag. Again, do not think that this is a hashtag only to be used on the day of Thursday. #tbt can be used any day of the week, and if you are against such mannerisms, use #tb. Additionally,  simply replace the last letter with the first letter of the current day i.e. #tbf – throwback Friday, will also be effective. This tag is a high traffic hashtag and is extremely far reaching for content.

4. #summer

Because we all love looking at and posting pictures that we’ve taken during the summer, this tag is very relevant at the moment. If you live in the UK like us, you better jump aboard this tag as soon as possible. You can guess what is on the horizon! #londonrain

5. #trump

What may seem controversial may actually work in your favour. Using the name of a controversial idea/group/event is a good way to be seen. A good one being #trump and for obvious reasons… the President of the United States of American has been embroiled in countless back and forth decisions, which have often lead to breaking news.

If you are building a brand be careful using this method, as you may find yourself caught up in a political debate you have no interest in being part of.

6. Retweet

This isn’t a hashtag, however, retweeting topics that best represent the information relevant to you, is the best way to develop organic engagement on twitter. Simply retweet the things you like and information you think your follower would want to see. What is also great about this method of sharing, is that you can add your own comments and use the hashtags mentions above for extra visibility.


Do you have any Instagram hashtag secrets up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments, we are always happy to feature the latest and greatest tips.


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