Six Of The Best European Travel Destinations

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Getting away is one of those things that us Brit’s love to do. It doesn’t matter whether the sun is shining or not, the notion of traveling sends people into a frenzy as they are bitten by the travel bug. It’s almost a social prerequisite to have a story about the hot destination you’ve been to this year, which is pressuring, to say the least.

There are plenty of places to visit in the UK and really people should try to explore their own country before haphazardly jetting off to the other side of the world. Whether it is excitement, exploration or relaxation you’re after, here are six fantastic travel destinations within Europe depending on what vibe you strive for.

beach dawn dusk ocean

1. Greece for the Beach

There are a vast selection of hotspots to get your beach body tanned in Europe, but none quite as good as Greece. It is home to many islands and so you can almost guarantee that one will suit your preferences. There are islands for partying, islands for beauty and even islands for couples, but if you are feeling astronomically wild, why not choose them all?

The weather in Greece remains at an impressive 30 degrees Celsius throughout the entire summer making it a great destination from May to September. There is also an assortment of choice when it comes to all-inclusive hotel deals, with everything from food to entertainment all boxed into a single package price. Go ahead and enjoy the beach, pools, bars and don’t forget your suncream!

hungarian parliament building view during night

2. Hungary for a City Break

The all-time favourite place for a city splash has always been Budapest. Its cool vibes come from the river Danube which flows right through it. With so much architecture, both roman outdoor and indoor public baths, a castle and plenty of inexpensive Hungarian food, what is there not to enjoy? Why not try a night cruise down the river or visit the parliament building as it is spectacular (especially at night)!

Being relatively central in Europe, Hungary is an easily accessible location, once you arrive you will instantly fall in love with it. Make sure to bring a robust pair of trainers for city walking and take your time so you can absorb and embrace the culture to its fullest.

ancient arches architecture art

3. Italy for Romance

Venice, Florence and Rome. Just three of the most incredible cities in Europe all located in Italy. From vineyards to romantic dinners at sunset, Italy is definitely the country for love. On your first visit to Rome, you will be shocked to find a piece of history around every corner. We say enjoy some gelato ice cream with your other half and visit the Trevi Fountain where you can throw a coin in to make a wish.

Equally, as romantic, Venice is unlike any other city in the world. Maybe it has something to do with being required to take a boat to get everywhere? I jest, taking a ride down one of these small canals on a gondola is actually one of the most romantic things you can do, just try not to get ripped off with the price. As with any foreign country, a bit of persuasion as a tourist can get you far!

water falls

4. Iceland for Raw Beauty

It is the most northerly location on this list, this gem of a destination is like taking a rocket to the moon. The scenery in Iceland is almost impossible to describe in words, you just have to go to experience it. There are countless waterfalls, volcanoes, and geysers to explore.

Some of the top things to do are navigating the golden circle route (self-drive it if you can), the blue lagoon and the enamored northern lights. Timing your trip to Iceland is everything, going on the wrong month can mean missing the snow, ice and worst of all the dancing lights across the sky. If you do happen to go in the summer (still very cold) then don’t miss out on the whale watching and try to explore more of the country which is inaccessible at other points in the year.

adventure alpine altitude blue sky

5. Switzerland for Hitting the Slopes

Skiing is one of those activities that you are either fanatical about, or hate with a passion. For some people, there is no bigger high than carving out a way down the mountain through thick fluffy white powder. If that person is you, you may already know that Switzerland is one of the top places in the world let alone Europe to hit the slopes. Although expensive, the mountain ranges are definitely second to none.

When it comes to skiing you have to accept there are certain associated costs with the activity, be prepared to spend more than you intend as things like ski passes, equipment rental, and expensive transfers can tally itself egregiously. That being said, do not let these costs deter you. If you have never been before, spend a day or two in ski school to pick up the basics and enjoy the time of your life for the rest of the week!

adventure asphalt clouds country

6. France for a Great Road Trip

Whether you like to caravan, have a crush on sports cars or prefer motorbike touring, France is definitely a hotspot for driving the open road. By straying away from cities and motorways, you will be treated with some of the most incredible country roads that have had eyes laid upon them.

Some of the best driving roads can be found in France, coincidentally it also happens to be a great country for connecting between different places. The country also features some of the best spots to camp and is, of course, home of the French cuisine we all love. Leave yourself enough time for the whole vacation and remember, getting lost is the core essence and beauty of a road trip!

Whatever you fancy doing on holiday there is always a destination to match your requirements. Bear in mind, you may not always have to travel to the other side of the world to find what you are looking for. Some of the best places are usually right at our doorstep.


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