Six Paddling Pool’s For Summer

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Summer is here and thankfully the hot weather looks as though it is here to stay for a change. All across the country you will find there’s either a: BBQ, garden party, or a get together at the local park. It seems to be the summer we have all been wishing for every year (well some of us anyway), but with temperatures reaching above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) our ill adapted bodies have started to suffer. We often resort to cursing the beach-less city we likely reside in, since we can’t cool down in those glorious waves we saw on that Instagram photo we just liked.

But what if you didn’t have to go to the beach to sunbath and cool down? What if you could bring the beach to you… well a body of water. Yes, I’m talking about a paddling pool.

Here at The Cixx we have listed some swimming pools that will meet your needs whatever they happen to be.

Large Family (With A Garden)


That’s not a paddling pool I hear you chant, and you’re right. But the Intex Rondo has a huge advantage up it’s sleeve when compared to other pools this size… it’s portable and can be dismantled with relative easy.

You’ll need to be prepared for a sizeable water bill since this pool holds 19,156 litres, but with a large family you’ll probably find that it’s cheaper than going to the the local swimming baths.

Dimensions – 4.88m x 1.22 m

Price as of date article posted: £260 Link to product 

Small To Medium Size Family (6 people maximum)


If you want something a little less substantial than the Rondo, but also suitable for the whole family Intex’s Small Family Frame Pool pool is brilliant. It is a very popular model with 4.5 star rating and 232 reviews! You couldn’t go wrong with purchasing this. We also like the fact that it’s made from a puncture resistant triple layered material, has a zinc-plated and powder-coated frame… you won’t be left high and dry if any sharp objects are about, not that there should be anyway!

Dimensions – 3m x 2m x 0.75m 

Price as of date article posted: £87.32 Link to product 

Baby Friendly


Shallow, light and compact so it’s easy to transport? Yes. Protection from the sun? Yes. When it comes to baby friendly paddling pools, we think Intex’s Mushroom Baby Pool is the best in it’s class –  we often forget about the harsh effects the sun can have on us but not Intex. Their Mushroom Baby Pool has a built in shield from the sun, preventing harmful rays from hurting your baby.

Price as of date article posted: £11.95 Link to product 

For The Kids


If there’s a reason you’re currently on the hunt for a bargain outdoor paddling pool, it’s probably to put an end to the children’s everlasting nagging to get one. But let’s be honest who can blame them, just remember the days when you were younger, running around bare foot in the street throwing water everywhere! Unfortunately it’s likely that they are unable to experience such an event so, go on, get them that pool.

Yes, it seems that Intex shows its face again, and with good reason too. With such high quality and raving reviews their ‘Easy Set’ version has made our list.

Dimensions – 1.82m x 0.51m

Price as of date article posted: £25.71  Link to product 

For Animals


Ah you think we forgot our furry friends. Never! If you have a pet that seemingly wants to join you during shower time, we recommend you check out ‘KOPEKS – Outdoor Swimming Pool Bathing Tube’. A perfect accessory that will allow your other half (the animals of course) to cool down, and stop the likelihood of them overheating in the harsh sun!

Additionally, the last thing you want to do on a hot humid day is clean up after your dog, so have them dry off on some specially made cheap Easy Paws mats !

Price as of date article posted: £27.99 Link to product 

For The Pool

Remember that water is very important and we should all do our best to make the most, and not waste any of it. For that reason we recommend that you invest in a water treatment product such as the ‘Clearwater – CH0010’. A great product for those long weekends where you’ve scheduled multiple pool days, for either you or the kids. What’s great is that this product is ISO 9001 certified. Be sure to always read the warnings – Not suitable for children under 36 months.

Price as of date article posted: £16.99 Link to product 

Don’t forget to bring your swimming toys. Below we’ve selected the most Instagramable ones:

Inflatable Doughnut – Link to product 

Inflatable Eggplant – Link to product 



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