Six Condom Types To Please Anyone

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Male contraceptives (condoms) have a bad rep, we have all said it – “I can’t feel anything”,  “they’re not sexy”, “they take too long to put on”. But the fact of the matter is that condoms don’t have to be all those things, and if they are, can it be said that we have tried and tested all of them? No, and for that reason, you are probably using the wrong one.

It’s obvious that selecting the right condom can make or break the situation, and also potentially skew your choice of whether or not to use them in the future. However, you may or may not know that condoms come in different sizes, material types, and have many different designs. This guide will help shed light on the options available to you, whatever your needs may be.


1. The best latex condom for smaller men

So, you don’t have a latex allergy and you’re on the smaller end of things with regards to the circumference. If you fall into this category we recommend you try ‘Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms’. These are a thin (0.07mm) condom, that will give you that skin on skin feel while you are going to work. The circumference tapers towards the head of the shaft giving you a firm reassuring grip. Such designs have been proven to prevent condoms slipping off while in motion. The teat (where the head of your penis will be located) has a larger circumference, this allows for more free room greatly adding to perceived sensations.


Price as of date article posted: £13.06 (£1.08 per condom) Link to product 

2. The best Non-latex condom for smaller men

If you not only find yourself to have a smaller circumference but also have a latex allergy, fear not there is a condom perfect for you and it’s called the ‘Pesante Femidom Female Condom’.

The female condom or Femidom is an often overlooked alternative to a male condom, they are placed inside the vagina instead of over the penis. However, just like male condoms, they protect not only against pregnancy but against HIV and other STIs.

What’s even better here is that if you thought the Lifestyles Snugger Fit was thin you’ll be extremely surprised to read that Pesante’s Femidom is only 0.05mm thick! Or should I say thin? All the usual ‘I can’t feel anything’ excuses can be put to bed.


Additionally, the femidom is made from polyurethane which comes pre-lubricated, and they can be can be inserted before foreplay. That means no pausing while in the heat of the moment.


Price as of date article posted: £5.79 (£1.16 per femidom) Link to product 

3. The best latex condom for larger men

The winner of this category goes to Trojan Magnum. Although not heavily advertised throughout the UK, the Trojan Magnum should be in your sights if you’re latex tolerant and on the larger side.

Reading reviews you’ll find many men that have had a bad experience with other brands, switched to Trojan’s Magnum condom and have never looked back.


Price as of date article posted: £11.55 (£0.96 per condom) Link to product 

4. The best Non-latex condom for larger men

Larger circumference? Check. Allergic to latex? Check. Well if this is you try out ‘Lifestyles SKYN Large Condoms’. SKYN condoms are made using Polyisoprene.

Polyisoprene is a new non-latex material scientifically formulated to provide a softer, more natural feel. What’s great is that this condom can be used both for birth control and STI prevention.


Price as of date article posted: £7.99 (£0.67 per condom) Link to product 

5. The best thin condom

With over 90 years of expertise in the rubber industry, it’s no surprise that Durex is featuring on our list, and what better product to demonstrate this with than the thinnest hence most desirable condom.

Durex’s Bare Real Feel Polyisoprene non latex lubricated Condom. These are ultra-thin (0.045mm) lubricated Polyisoprene non-latex condoms. Polyisoprene as mentioned above has been scientifically formulated to provide a natural skin on skin feel. What’s even better is that since Polyisoprene is not latex, people who suffer from latex allergies can experience the awesomeness of this condom as well.


Price as of date article posted: £17.99 (£1.79 per condom) Link to product 

6. The best safe condom

If you are looking for that added protection and peace of mind, you will find that ‘Mates SuperSafe Condoms’ were made just for you. They measure in at a cool 0.1mm thickness, and while they are designed to give you extra safety, Mates also claim that they allow for a higher degree of sensitivity to be felt.


Price as of date article posted: £19.99 (£0.14 per condom) Link to product 

As always please remember the following before using a condom, and always practice safe sex.

  • When used correctly every time you have sex, male condoms are 98% effective. This means 2 out of 100 women will become pregnant in one year when male condoms are used as contraception.
  • Oil-based products – such as moisturiser, lotion and Vaseline – can damage latex and polyisoprene condoms, but they are safe to use with polyurethane condoms.
  • Water-based lubricant is safe to use with all condoms.
  • If you’re sensitive to latex, you can use polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms instead.
  • A condom must not be used more than once. Use a new one each time you have sex.
  • Condoms have a use-by date on the packaging. Don’t use out-of-date condoms.
  • Always use condoms that have the BSI kite mark and the CE mark on the packet. This means they’ve been tested to high safety standards.

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