6 Best Buy Electric Wet & Dry Shavers For A Super Close Shave

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Electrical shavers have made life easier for the modern man, these shavers are waterproof making life even easier as you can use them in the shower and not have to worry about any damage. These shavers can be used both cordless or corded and can be purchased with their charging station albeit, at a higher price point, we wouldn’t recommend you to buy one unless the price difference is minimal. Below is a selection of shavers at different increasing price points, ones that we know will serve you well for many years to come.Sweet LF 3D

Sweet LF 3D


An impressive waterproof shaver with a pop-up trimmer for an extremely low price. It allows you to USB quick charge for up to 120 minutes of shaving time. The triple independent head system follows the contours of your face allowing for a smooth shave. Finally, it has a ‘Mute high-speed motor’ to lower the shaving volume if you don’t want to wake up the rest of the household every morning. The only downside is that the manufacturer isn’t as well known as the other big boys in this list, but it has good reviews vouching for its worth.

Battery Life: 120 mins

Price as of date article posted: £29.99 Link to product 

Philips Series 3000

Philips Series 3000


This is another triple head flex system which adjusts to the curvature of your face with 50 minutes of shaving time and a pop-up trimmer makes this a bargain. At its low price, anyone new to electrical shavers can get a taste of the experience and overall ease of use these devices provide. What’s more is that blades are ‘ComfortCut’ so this should give you a comfortable shave, protecting your skin from nicks and cuts. What you get here is 90% fewer nicks and cuts versus standard razor blades.

Battery Life: 50 mins

Contour heads: 4 directions

Price as of date article posted: £45.00 Link to Product

Braun Series 5

Braun Series 5 (5140s)


This shaver doesn’t have a triple head system instead, it is called a foil razer as seen from the image. The advantage of this is that it can provide a closer daily shave but will fare worse for those overgrown beards and tight angles. The shaver has an 8-direction comfort flex head for constant skin contact, even in the most difficult of areas. Braun also includes an auto-sensing motor for a more efficient shave and the ‘ActiLift Trimmer’ to capture those difficult flat-lying hairs. As with most of these shavers, their model number may vary slightly depending on included peripherals and date released, so the ‘Series’ number is the important distinguisher. A pop-up trimmer is also included.

Charging Speed: 50 mins

Shaving Elements: 3

Shaving Efficiency: 30,000 per minute

Contour heads: 8 directions

Price as of date article posted: £80.65 Link to Product

Braun Series 7

Braun Series 7 (7898cc)


We are now getting up to a price point that lends itself to a better build quality and hence improved durability. It is geared with 4 shaving elements, 3 of which are cutting elements and 1 that guards the skin, this helps to capture hairs in a smoother more efficient manner. The adaptive shaving motor helps capture more hairs with its powerful micro vibrations, making even dense beards light work. Like the series 5, it has an 8-direction contour system that gently adapts to your face to reach those difficult hairs. However, unlike the series 5, you can change between 5 different shaving modes to suit how much power you really want and as always, a pop-up trimmer is included. In this case, the charge station option is actually cheaper so it’s a no-brainer.

Charging Speed: 50 mins

Shaving Elements: 4

Shaving Efficiency: 30,000 per minute

Contour heads: 8 directions

Price as of date article posted: £129.99 Link to Product

Panasonic ES-LV65

Panasonic ES-LV95


This beast has a 5 blade cutting system, with 30-degree nano-polished blades that give an effortless shave. The motor is even more powerful than the ones above this in the list, at 14,000 CPMs we can say bye-bye to those thick beards without the irritation and pulling. Panasonic incorporates a shaving sensor that detects the differences in hair densities and thus adjusts its power to accommodate for a less irritable shave. To better contour your face, Panasonic’s ‘Multi-Flex 3D Head’ has a suspension mechanism that constantly makes contact with your face at even tight angles. Last but not least we have the mandatory pop-up trimmer.

Charging Speed: 45 mins

Shaving Elements: 5

Shaving Efficiency: 14,000 CPMs

Contour heads: Multi-system

Price as of date article posted: £140.00 Link to Product


 Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9 (9290cc)


Claimed to be the ‘”world’s most efficient shaver” and is Which?’s best buy of 2017, we have in our hands a shaver worth its weight in gold. This gold standard of shaving provides unmatched closeness for the most comfortable shave one can expect. An upgrade to the series 7, we have 5 shaving elements, this is 1 more cutting element for the best skin comfort when shaving. Not only that, instead of an 8-directional system, we have a 10-directional system for refined contour adaptation ensuring the closest shave. The 2 specialised titanium coated trimmers also help capture those flat lying hairs comfortably. You have the pop-up trimmer, charging dock but most importantly, the ‘AutoSense’ motor that can handle everything from the densest to the thinnest hairs with sonic prowess. The charge station with this is at the same price-point so be sure to pick that option!

Charging Speed: 50mins

Shaving Elements: 5

Shaving Efficiency: 40,000 per minute

Contour heads: 10 directions

Price as of date article posted: £199.99 Link to Product

Bear in mind these come with a 2 pin plug head so an adequate socket adapter should be used. In terms of value for money, the Braun series 5 gives you most of what the higher end models give for a reasonable price. Shaving can be a daily affair so cheapening out may not be your best bet. Whatever it is you buy, you’ll be using it for years, and your face will thank you for it!




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