Six Unbelievable Portable Chargers With Huge Capacities

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Portable chargers are lifesavers. They come in handy when you forget to charge your phone the night before or going out on a long journey where wall sockets are amiss. Here is a list of the top 6 portable chargers in the market today that store 20,000mAh worth of charge, meaning it can fully charge a standard Android device up to 5-6 times and an iPhone up to 7-8 times. These also let you charge tablets, have overcharge protection and extra features like an inbuilt torchlight. The difference between these chargers are their charging speed, number of ports, warranty and weight. Note, charging speeds are in amps, a higher amperage doesn’t necessarily mean faster charging as your device may only be able to support a lower current.

Anker Powercore

1. Anker PowerCore (20100mAh)

The slimmest, most powerful on the list, Anker hold no bars with its superb Powercore. The virtuosity of its ‘Power IQ’ 4.8A charging output ensures your device is charged to its fastest possible speed. This also means your tablets are charged in no time. All in all, it’s super portable, sleek looking, with power to spare… what else could you ask for? Maybe a lower price tag?

Charging Speed: 4.8A out, 2A in

Number of ports: 2

Weight: 331g

Extras: 18-month warranty, Surge protection, Travel pouch

Price as of date article posted: £32.99 Link to product 

EC Technology

2. EC Technology (22400mAh)

The EC Technology has a slightly higher capacity here, 10% more with 3 USB outputs. It has 5 Security Systems: over-charging, over-discharging, over-voltage, over current and short circuit protection which will undoubtedly mellow your electrical fears. This has ‘Auto-IC’ technology which recognises your devices optimum charging parameters to reduce your charging time to the greatest extent. There is also a bonus LED light with 3 modes to be used as a torch. The shell is very durable but ultimately the EC doesn’t have the full output charging speed as with the Anker.

Charing Speed: 3.8A out, 2A in

Number of ports: 3

Weight: 449g

Extras: LED lights, 5-way electrical protection, 3 USB outputs

Price as of date article posted: £22.99 Link to Product

AUKEY Power Bank

3. AUKEY (20000mAh)

This power bank has added versatility with its Lightning cable input which means you can charge your IOS device or power bank with the same cable. You also have the standard Micro-USB input both at 2A. Built-in safeguards protect your devices against excessive current, overheating and overcharging. Aukey also includes a 24-month warranty meaning you can be assured of the highest build quality.

Charing Speed: 3.4A out, 2A in

Number of ports: 2

Weight: 387g

Extras: Lighting port input, 24-month warranty, built-in safeguards

Price as of date article posted: £21.99 Link to Product

Poweradd Pilot X7

4. Poweradd Pilot X7 (20000mAh)

The X7 is another feature-packed power bank, with auto-detect charging speed, flashlight and 24-month warranty. The 2A input charge means you can fully charge it in 11 hours which is 2x quicker than the standard. Although the bulky look, this is surprisingly one of the lighter power banks. Last but not least, the safety guarantee on this device is generous, boasting: Short circuit, overload, over current, charging and battery PTC protection.

Charing Speed: 3.1A out, 2A in

Number of ports: 2

Weight: 350g

Extras: Flashlight, 24-month warranty, generous safety features

Price as of date article posted: £19.99 Link to Product


5. EasyAcc (20000mAh)

The EasyAcc has an incredible 2 charging inputs and 4 charging outputs, which is double the standard. The ports automatically detect your phone’s optimum charging capabilities and send up to 2.4A per port of 4.8A overall. The standard feature of this device is its fast recharging speed due to the 4A input which is achieved via two input charging ports, this allows a full recharge in a blazing 6 hours. A built-in LED flashlight allows it to be used as a torchlight. It is certified safe with its multi-protect safety system for complete protection, topped off with an 18-month warranty.

Charing Speed: (2.4+2.4)A out, (2+2)A in

Number of ports: 4

Weight: 450g

Extras: 4 USB outputs, 6 hour recharge time, Flashlight, multi-protection system

Price as of date article posted: £23.99 Link to Product


6. ROMOSS (20000mAh)

The ROMOSS is on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of specs, at a lower 2.1A output it may not be as suitable for charging tablets as the others but suffice otherwise. There’s no fancy flashlight or extra ports but you still get the solid 2.1A charging capability with 6 LEDs to indicate the battery levels, a nice polka dot textured finish and 12-month standard warranty. Not the best in the world but functions adequately well.

Charing Speed: 2.1A out, 2.1A in

Number of ports: 2

Weight: 408g

Extras: 6 LED indicator

Price as of date article posted: £21.99 Link to Product

With a 24-month warranty, top-notch 3.4A charging output and the added versatility of Lightning cable charging the Aukey is certainly a top contender. What makes it the top pick is its price point which is almost half the Anker which gives it the value for money award.


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