Six Cool Tables For A Small Apartment

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Small spaces are becoming a reality for more and more people. As house prices soar and rentals stay fierce, the reality of living in a big city is a compromise on space. There has been a huge increase in the number of apartments or flats being built and this is simply because they take up less land and have a high return value when being sold by developers.

According to BBC research 1 in 5 UK homes are flats and this has been on the rise for the last decade. With houses being converted into flats and such inflated property prices it seems inevitable that the first place you may end up on the rental or property ladder is in a small apartment.

This is no bad thing, an apartment is easy to manage, has far fewer outgoings with regards to bills and is often a great stepping stone into the future. It does however, mean being a bit more intelligent and creative with the space available. So let’s have a look at the top six picks for apartment tables:


1. The Wall Mounted Folding Table

This stylish black wall mounted table has the ability to completely fold flat. Perfect if you are tight on space or want to design a multifunctional living space. The minimalistic construction would suit any modern flat or apartment and can be used as either a fold away work desk, a side table or even as dinner for two.

Price as of date article posted: £181.21   Link to product



2. Gloss Extendable Table

Featuring a modular extendable system means this table can grow and shrink with incredible ease. The versatility of this table tops our list as it can go from being a console table to a dining table for six. Whatever your intended use for this table you will not be disappointed with the flexibility of this setup and the elegant gloss white finish.

Price as of date article posted: £149.00   Link to product



3. Small Glass Table

For those with really tight space, this little table is a perfect companion to any contemporary flat. Featuring a single sheet of glass and wide base, this table is easy to assemble and very sturdy. Simplicity can be often overlooked when searching for home accessories but in the case of this table, it is both striking and surprisingly spacious.

Price as of date article posted: £79.99   Link to product



4. Modern Glass Table

Clean, geometric and sleek. This table is an absolute head turner and perfectly blends materials, with the glass and chrome coming together to form a piece of art. The black base is tempered glass and is a very solid fixture for the spoked legs. This table could be considered the bigger brother to the smaller glass table above and if you have the space this is a fantastic addition to any apartment.

Price as of date article posted: £109.99   Link to product



5. Joolihome Dining Table

This round table is extremely alternative, the kind of table you may find in a small coffee shop or in a hotel lobby. This is not a bad thing, in fact, if this is the look you are going for throughout your pad then this style is really going to suit you. The blend of the wood, frame and white top is a great combination and the table even included non slip feet.

Price as of date article posted: £56.99   Link to product



6. Natural Wood Extending Table

A wonderful two-tone extending wooden table which simply becomes square with the removal of the central leaf. This table is a great compromise for space and style and clearly suits an apartment with wooden features running through it.

Price as of date article posted: £139.99   Link to product

Which one would I purchase? Almost certainly the Modern Glass Table for its style and use of materials.


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